Greetings from the USA in English

We have some english speaking website readers, so here is just a small summary of what we have done so far.

We landed in New York 8.10. and spent 4 days there. We visited Empire state building, Statue of liberty, Harlem, Wall Street and other must see places. Sunday evening we were cheering for the finnish players in NHL match, sadly they didn't play so well. From New York we flew to Chicago from where our road trip started. In Chicago we visited at the top of the tallest building in USA, Willis tower.

We rented a seven seated minivan that is just perfect for us, because there is enough space for us and our luggage. So far we have visited St Louis and Gateway Arch, Tulsa (there was nothing to see), and tens of smaller towns by Route 66. Now we are at the Las Vegas. We will continue to Los Angeles on monday.